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Dealership level diagnostics capabilities in a friendly, independent surrounding

At VAST Autos, we use top of the range diagnostic equipment to help find out what is stopping your car from performing at it's best. 

We have full dealer level diagnostic capabilities - including tooling, technical data and wiring diagrams - for Saab, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen vehicles.

Present-day vehicles are controlled by complex electronic computerised systems. In order to diagnose and repair any errors that occur in these systems, we use the industries best equipment which allows us to cover the majority of makes and models.

Mechanic checking car engine with computer

These Diagnostic Tests enable us to more easily identify problems and repair them as soon as possible. The computerised systems in your car create a vast array of codes relating to many areas of your car such as braking, engine management, suspension and even the windscreen wipers in some cases! By having these checked you may be able to fix a minor problem before it becomes a major, expensive problem!

Use our Online Booking System above to book your car in for a Diagnostics Check - we can find out why your car is beeping at you or just what that "Check Engine" light on the dashboard means!